About Us


Dinabandhu Foundation was conceptualised and founded by Mrs. Shovana Devi in the memory of her late husband Mr. Dinabandhu Panigrahi in 1999. Mr. Panigrahi came from an extremely humble background from the district of Bhadrak in coastal Odisha, India. He was extremely passionate about getting educated to the highest level although he had lost his parents in the early childhood. His determination eventually enabled him to acquire a Masters Degree in Education from Patna University and then another Masters Degree in Education from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. He had been a student at Leeds with a Commonwealth Scholarship granted to him by British Government in 1946. He had been in educational administration focussing on primary education, secondary education and adult education. He was responsible for setting up a school in his own native village which went on to do very well eventually.

(Late) Sri Dinabandhu Panigrahi

The Trust

Mrs. Shovana Devi formed Dinabandhu Foundation for Educational Research and Socio Economic Development(Dinabandhu Foundation) as a trust which was registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 by the Registering Authority at Bhubaneswar and she appointed Dr. B.B.Panigrahi and Mrs. Smita Panigrahi as Trustees of the foundation. The trust has eventually been registered under section of 12AA and 80G of the Indian Incometax Act 1961.

Trident Academy of Technology,the college under the trust ,is engaged in formal education at under-graduate and post-graduate levels in areas of Engineering, Biotechnology & Computer Applications. The foundation has also ventured into skill development and vocational education, implementing government sponsored schemes like DDUGKY, PMKVY etc.with its brand of SkillEM. Towards its duty for unprivileged, the foundation, with a brand of “indevin” it is on its way to contribute in the fields of primary education, english education, vocational education, public health, women empowerment and environment. Fund raising for these activities is targeted towards the CSR spendings of corporate sector and the foundation intends to work as an apex body ensuring the right kind of spending of the CSR funds through the grassroots implementors in India.


To excel in imparting various kinds of education to Indian students ensuring quality with a delivery mechanism which is world standard. To contribute towards raising of income earning capability and livelihood of rural and urban poor by focussing on skill development with job linkage including self-employment and to work towards socio economic empowerment of the under privileged in general .


  1. To foster holistic excellence in the new generation of students.

  2. To instill in them, the power of aggressive positive thinking, insatiable desire for information and knowledge, a penchant for out-of-the box ideation and capacity of execution.

  3. To contribute to the society with honesty and integrity through innovative research in the multi-disciplinary areas of evolving and upcoming technologies.

  4. To act as an apex integrator ensuring proper spending on CSR funds to achieve the desired impacts in the relevant fields ensuring transparency.

  5. To become one of the best training organisations for effective implementation of skill development schemes of Central and State Governments.